The 大萨克拉门托经济委员会 is the region’s leading economic development organization in the state capital of California. Whether a company is looking to relocate, 扩展或构建, our experts are ready to assist them navigate and identify solutions to meet their business goals. 与区域, 州和国家关系, GSEC ensures companies have a customized and seamless entry into the Greater Sacramento region.











Powered by data and expert regional knowledge, the GSEC business development team connects clients with the right location and local decision-makers to ensure ease of entry into the Greater Sacramento region. Our business development team can assist your company or client in selecting the most productive site that meets business needs and creates value through leveraging incentives, reducing operating costs and forecasting return on investment. 我们基于gis的站点数据库工具,, will allow you to do a preliminary search of available properties and explore local data layers such as transportation, 公用事业基础设施和便利设施. 请 contact our business development team for a comprehensive overview of all available sites.

State and local incentive identification

我们的团队可以帮助识别所有 州和地方的激励措施 available and help navigate the application process. GSEC acts as a single point of contact for companies considering expansion in or relocation to our region, leveraging our expertise and existing relationships with state and local jurisdictions, 区域劳动力培训合作伙伴, utility service providers and others to help offset market entry and ongoing operational costs.



Backed by the most up-to-date data and software available, GSEC’s research team provides clients with the most accurate information available. Our team creates customized reports to help companies analyze the region, upfront market entry costs and their potential profitability. This includes operational cost comparisons, labor market 分析 and more.


GSEC regularly meets with tradable-sector businesses located in Greater Sacramento to ensure their success in the region. The team assists life science, finance, food & 亚博, 制造业, technology and other tradable-sector companies plan for growth and overcome any challenges they may be encountering in the regional business climate. We can help with hiring, marketing and PR, custom research and more. Are you a company in one of the above sectors that may need our assistance? 了解更多 about our retention and expansion services below.


GSEC connects companies in tradable sectors with consortiums focused on leveraging industry expertise to strengthen and grow emerging industry clusters within the Greater Sacramento region. 目前的财团关注的是 食品和农业金融科技和 流动性. Members include key regional executives, field experts from academic institutions, 行业监管机构等.




GSEC connects prospective businesses with local staffing agencies, university partners and other business ecosystem representatives to facilitate anonymous discussions regarding their talent, 招聘和劳动力培训需求. 整个地区, our partners are committed to assisting in recruitment efforts to allow projects to ramp up quickly, assisting with the following complimentary services:

  • 招聘及晋升;
  • hosting of customized recruiting events and career fairs;
  • introductions to workforce training partners
  • and development of custom skilled training partnerships with local educational institutions.

除了, the organization engages in significant talent attraction marketing and promotion locally, 地区和国家. For a comprehensive overview of our talent attraction campaign, visit


Inclusion and equity are essential building blocks to grow a resilient economy and are increasingly critical considerations for companies to ensure their growth and success. 与其区域合作伙伴一起, GSEC can assist companies to develop a diversity and inclusion strategy to align their corporate mission with action in order to enhance their competitiveness and meet their hiring objectives. Assistance can range from data review & 分析, development of goals and initiatives to diversity, equity and inclusion strategy implementation.

Young people doing group study in library


GSEC’s public relations and marketing teams help new and existing businesses in the region amplify their stories to share their success. Our team provides one-on-one consultations with companies to evaluate the best channels for their messages, 包括新闻稿, 新闻报道, social media campaigns and media and ad buys. Our public relations and marketing experts also advise on best practices and strategy, 使用的趋势, 已建立的关系和数据.

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